The Gallery - A photo I'm proud of

The Gallery A photo I'm proud of

My iPad, although deliciously gorgeous, has its downfalls. I can blog on it, but the rich text editor on Blogger doesn't work. So I can put pictures and links in but they don't work very well. I always have to use OH's laptop to tidy up my posts!

Having looked at others' Gallery entries, I realise I have interpreted the brief slightly differently. I couldn't post a picture that I am proud of because I am not that good a photographer! I have taken this picture with my iPhone and am quite pleased with the clouds.

I am proud of this picture, taken at the beach yesterday of Elf and Mr Humdrum, is it shows that we have survived. We have finally exchanged contracts on our new house after 4 months of stress and worry. Usually the lynchpin of the family, as mum, I keep us functioning. Mouths fed and watered, house (sort of) tidied, social events arranged, plans made and kept... The worry of the last few weeks has meant that the appearance of a ready meal if any meal at all is a regular occurrence. The house is a half-packed pit. We are barely functioning as a couple, too tired and stressed to even talk to each other!

This is all over now as we have a definite move date. It might not be until the end of September but at least it's a date. They say moving is the most stressful thing (along with death and divorce) and having no experience of the other two, I can vouch that at least one is stressful!

I am proud that I haven't fallen apart. I am proud that now we can enjoy family days out, like this one, without anything else overshadowing them.