The Gallery - Playtime

This week's theme over at The Gallery is playtime.

I tried to upload this picture and some text with mobile blogging on my iPhone. It posted the picture but not the text! Better luck next time...

Here is Elf last week at the new park near my parents' house.

I played at this park too when I was his age, and younger. My parents lived, and still do live, just over the road from the park. I remember going to sick way round on the roundabout (was that just us?) and when a girl from school broke her leg because it got trapped under that roundabout, probably when it was going the sick way. Makes me shudder to think about it.

The park is way cooler now, with tractors galore (its new name is The Tractor Park) and a skate park. We had our school sports days there too, and Guide and Brownies fetes. Happy memories!


  1. er.... why is Elf wearing pink and yellow Crocs thou??


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