What the *&%^? Part 1

Being a dozy big moo at the moment, I am idea-less and have decided to tell this story a la London City Mum and her people-watching posts (OK that's a polite way of saying that she posts hilarious pictures of hideous fashion and style crimes!)

Here is my version - What the *&%^? Part 1. I give you: The chav pram Excuse the white monstrous vest creature (I call that disorder Fat Back, and I do have FB myself, that's why I can laugh at others).

Look at the baby seat in the trolley! Quite a good idea yes, to put the baby seat inside the trolley in the supermarket but when you have finished your shopping and are now walking around the streets of a market town, NO!

Thanks to OH for this little gem, taken on his iPhone. I hope for more!


  1. He he, I think the OH was very brave taking such a picture. Chav's can have a fierce temper!

  2. ha ha.... I have to confess thou that M had a ride in a supermarket trolley last Tuesday with Nanny & Grandad along the streets back to Sainsburys. As usual it had been dumped so M was inisitent that it was returned, so my folks promptly lifted her in and pushed her back to Sainsburys!

  3. Hmmm... may have to 'sue you' for copyright now!

    Am VERY flattered that you have been inspired to follow suit. Impressive photo. Did you stalk them down the street? Did you remember to turn your flash OFF? Would you recognise them again (or worse, they you)?

    If you can answer 'yes' to any of the above, you are a certified member of the team.

    LCM x

  4. Great spotting and well snapped. Was half expecting to hear that the white vest creature turned and swung her handbag at OH. Lucky escape.

  5. Spencer Park, I think he was brave. I hope he has the courage to take another pic.

    Anonymous (aka A&B?), Ah but they were doing a good deed! That is allowed.

    LCM I thought if I admitted plagiarism then you wouldn't sue me! I asked OH the questions - NO, he was walking the same way, NO as the pic was taken on a flash-free iphone, and NO he wouldn't recognise them. I am afraid he may be certifiable, but he's not a certified member of the team. I on the other hand will endeavour to take a pic myself.


  6. Cate P - Ah so that's what that bruise on OH's forehead was from!! -HMx

  7. And Spencer Park thank you for following!

    And thanks Elizabeth too. -HMx


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