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The curse of the Novelty Parent going out

Daddy is Novelty Parent. With Mummy, moan whinge whine. Door goes, in walks Daddy and the mood lifts immediately. (Elf's not mine!)

My OH usually works late-ish 7.30pm I consider to be reasonable so he can do bath'n'bed (I hate bathtime, something to do with my straightened hair being splashed and going curly I think). I won't do a Poor Me here, I have friends whose OHs are out all night (working I might add!) and others whose OHs finish at 4pm to cook the family dinner, but then work bank holidays. I'm probably middle-of-the-road Poor Me.

(And don't let's revisit the arguments that start "So how come you can finish early to go out with your mates, but you can't finish early for a family dinner?".)

OH's work (and stress level) is building up and home times this week have been around 9pm. I have also had a case of mummyflu this week (that's where you are ill but you still have to get up to take your child to nursery so you may as well go to work). Result - I'm tired. Last night OH went out with some old work friends, that's not a problem as he doesn't go out that much and I went out on Monday night to see a gig (get me, New Young Pony Club, I'm so down with the kids).

The problem was that Novelty Parent put in an appearance ten minutes before bedtime to change his clothes.

7.30pm Start bedtime.
I want Daddy.
Daddy's gone out, we said Bye to him just now.
I don't want to sleep on my own. I want to sleep with you and when Daddy comes back I'll get out of his bed.
Well all children sleep on their own.
Woody doesn't as his baby brother is in the same room as him.
Hmm (I'm caught out there.)
Why doesn't Daddy build another bed for you in the bathroom (BATHROOM?) and I'll sleep with him.
Mummies and daddies sleep together. You know you asked for a sister called Melon the other day? Well that won't happen unless we... oops.
What Mummy?
Never mind. To bed!

8.15pm He calmed down by this time. I collapsed on the sofa.

8.20 - 9.00pm Repeated trips upstairs to a sobbing boy who wanted his daddy. What could I do? Nothing but hug him. He was sobbing his heart out so much, I had to turn his pillow over. These were not the I Want My Own Way crocodile tears. Real I Miss My Daddy tears.

Does he ever play up when Daddy puts him to bed? No! Does anyone else find that their children's behaviour changes when the Novelty Parent is away for a while? Sometimes it's just better when Novelty Parent doesn't put in a short appearance.


  1. I think children love routines ... which may explain this and novelty parent.

  2. Mine play up massively to daddy at bathtime, and just don't bother for boring old mum. So much as I don't like doing bathtime every night, nor do I like hearing the screams and yells when it's daddy's occasional turn.

  3. I don't have so much of a problem with novelty parent as I do, novelty gram and grandpa, or novelty person up the road who is much better to listen to! Their rules are better than mum's or dad's.

  4. HMR - aren't anyone else's rules better? Now why is that?!

    A - I do like bedtime, it's just bath time - thankfully cos Elf's got gromets, we can't do baths as easily at the moment, strip washes are much easier! Less hassle all round.

    AMM - yes and dear old daddy NEVER sticks to our (I say OUR) routines anyway!


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