I feel like a real mum now because I sewed my first badge

Last week, I felt like a real mum. OK so I've got a 4 year old boy, of course I'm a mum. But sometimes I catch sight of myself in a shop window holding his hand, and I think How did I get here? Now I sound like a Talking Heads song, but you get the drift. Do any of you feel like that ever?

The first time Elf called me Mummy was a defining moment in my new mummy status. When I went back to work after my year's maternity leave, I was seen differently by new and old colleagues, as I was now a mum.

But last week, my mum-o-meter hit new heights - I have finally made it. And why? I sewed Elf's first badge on his hoodie! No it wasn't his first ASBO; I dealt two of those out at the tender age of two, and there was no corresponding badge.

Elf achieved Badge 1 for Trampolining. Woody and Jessie achieved theirs too. I sewed it on a bit wonky and half way through, I asked my Other Half if the badge was in fact and iron on one! It wasn't.

The proof was in the pudding - he looked as proud as punch at his last class. He's now working for Badge number 2!


  1. I know what you mean about seeing yourself in a mirror (or whatever) and wondering how you got from 'young and single' to 'mummy with commitments'! I haven't got to the badge-sewing yet...

  2. Even though my son is two, I have those moments that make me think "Wow, this is really who I am". Isn't it an amazing feeling?!?! Thanks for sharing your moment with us.

  3. Oh yes, badges... Do they make iron-on versions I wonder?

    Have tagged you over at mine: http://londoncitymum.blogspot.com/2010/03/photo-meme.html

    LCM x

  4. Nicoala-I think being a part time working mum makes you get confused with your stati (statuses?) and that's when you have the "Wow is that me" moment! But I am the proudest when it hits me that I'm Elf's mummy. x

    LCM-OOO that will give me something to do later when I get home. Thanks! x PS Maybe we could invent iron-on badges? Or a badge sewing on company?! x

  5. Oh heck I relate to that Who Am I? thing. My son is 11 and I still feel like i need Learner plates.
    My badge-sewing is appalling and I now feel terribly sorry for my poor mother who had to cope with me as an over-achieving Brownie!
    Huge thanks for dropping by mine.

  6. Exmoorjane - I think I had badges down one arm at Brownies. I can't want til my Elf is a Scub. x


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