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My perfect Fun Day Friday

It hit me today, Elf goes to school in six months time. SIX months. SIX? I keep thinking it's at least nine months away, but of course it's creeping up. Like David Bowie sang - turn and face the change. Changes ...
  • Bye bye group of pals at nursery as only he is going to his school
  • Elf's "working week" will be longer - not just Tuesday to Thursday
  • My working week will be longer too - I'll have just Fridays off instead of Mondays and Fridays now
  • Our perfect Fun Day Fridays will change and this is the hardest thing to get my head around.
Elf's best friend is Woody, and ever since our evening NCT meetings when heavily pregnant, his mum F and I have been joined at the baby hip carrier. Preschool has since restricted our playdates together but Fridays are still our Fun Days. Our club du jour is trampolining on Friday mornings (and I am about to feel even more of a mum as Elf got Badge Two this week to sew on!). An hour of bouncing, tucking and star jumping, followed by horse-vaulting into pits, they love it. I however do not, having yet to trampoline without wanting to wee!

Lunchtime beckoned at Woody's house - sandwiches made by the kids earlier were name-tagged and placed in the fridge. The babes were shattered after the gym collapsing on the sofa to watch a couple of Peppa Pigs.

Then it was off to meet Miss T, head girl in the making, and her mummy S at our local indoor play area. We always have a wet and dry plan and the weather was playing games with us. With the benefit of hindsight, we probably unwisely chose to stay indoors but at least it was quiet in there.

Whilst best of friends, Elf and Woody tend to wrestle which inevitably ends up in a war wound or two. Today Elf had a carpet burn on his elbow, of which he seemed very proud. Miss T tends to report what really went on, so we get the proper story of who started it!

Two hours later, off we trekked to Pizza Hat (as Elf calls it, because you get hats to colour in silly). As Elf's daddy is off enjoying himself in Estonia for a few days, it's only fair that we enjoy ourselves too. Luckily Miss T and Woody'n'Jessie joined us too.

Dodging the late rain, we rushed indoors at 6.30pm. Both shattered. Both having had a great day. Me already lamenting the perfect Fun Day Fridays ending in August. Me promising to enjoy every sunny day we can before Big School.

Thank you to my friends for our Fun Day Fridays - these are of course our play dates too.


  1. Just a little test to see if I can comment without logging in. Yes I know you're sat next to me waiting for our pizza.....yes ladies two in a row but blame me! And yes it's a real comment as it will appear in the comment box! And I want to appear in your blog now and again and wish to be known as Nanny McEmm (minus warts!).

  2. Thank you Nanny McEmm for looking after Elf while I went to acupuncture. OH was away enjoying himself. We enjoyed ourselves eating pizza and chocolate! x


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