I have actually finished a bag of salad!

Last night I felt virtuous. Dinner comprised warmed sweet potato falafel, couscous and salad, and I actually finished the bag of salad.

Usually I buy a bag from Waitrose, with as many dark leaves as possible, possibly with betroot, and then after a couple of sarnies, the remainder of the bag festers in back of my fridge, only to be thrown away on the next bin day... all green and brown slimy slug-like. But no, this bag produced two main meal salads for myself and OH, along with two lunches of pastrami, picallily and salad bagels, which I took to an indoor play area for myself and Broccoli Boy's mummy, as it was my turn to provide lunch last Monday.

I really enjoy reading Diary of a Frugal Family and I do share a love for a bargain (I get this from my Mum, the Professional Shopper - and Returner).

My Mum and I like to play these games:
  1. What is the cheapest meal you can make? I won once with "Curried leftover Sunday roast vegetables". An ex-boyfriend lived on two meals - porridge and "Rice and onion fry-up". I think he's still alive today!
  2. How many meals can you get from one chicken? Sunday roast for two adults and a child, chicken'n'chips the next day, sarnies the next, and of course stock for soup. (I learned to freeze the carcass along with your veg peelings if you don't have time that day to make the stock!) Of course you don't have to use chicken, you can use a joint of beef (roast beef, then hand-mince it for cottage pie - my mouth is watering already).
I challenge you, fellow bloggers with hungry mouths to feed, to answer the above questions. I look forward to picking up some tips!


  1. Hiya

    My cheapest meal is macaroni cheese I think or is that just my laziest meal?

    I'm not very good at the how many meals from a chicken as I only end up with two max - the normal roast and then something like a chicken pie the next day?

    Very impressed you finished a bag of salad by the way - I've never managed it yet lol

  2. My cheapest (or laziest) meal is macaroni cheese. One of the few things everyone in this house enjoys.

    I only ever manage two meals out of chicken - the usual roast and something like a pie the next day.

    Very impressed with the salad thing - one day I will manage that!

  3. I'm afraid I'm one of those awful people who just cannot eat leftovers. Our fridge is often home to the slimy salad too!


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