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3 reasons why I've lost the plot

I have seriously lost the plot. Here are three things that have happened in the last two days to explain why: Yesterday at work, some marketing literature wasn't ordered. I was sure that I'd done something wrong and got into a right panic. Colleagues were telling me I hadn't done anything wrong but I was sure I had. I hadn't. (But then I did. Someone asked me how many brochures to print - and I replied during a training session. Wrongly. I told them to print 6000 brochures when really we needed 2700! Thankfully that person hadn't read my email properly and so hadn't ordered 6000. Phew.) Yesterday again, I forgot to book Elf into the afterschool club! I have been doing odd training days and have had to shift my hours and days round all over the place (costing  me an extra £50 you know!). How I managed to miss yesterday I do not know. Thankfully the school are fab and took him last minute. Today, now this is the weirdest thing. I had a day off and after lunch,

Thought for my day

I'm not snobby about where I take my inspiration. Could be an ancient philosopher, or a line from an early 80s electro song. "But if you can't stand the test, you know your worst is better than their best." -- Phil Oakey, Human League That's how I'm going to view my day today!