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Here's to my new job!

I've just finished Week 3 of my new job (teaching assistant at a primary school) and as well as being a new job, it's an entirely new career. I'd spent the last 20 years in an office, 12 of them at the same last company and it's been a culture shock, I can tell you. I felt a bit shell shocked to start with, but I have some really supportive colleagues who have known exactly what I've been feeling and have said all the right things. I've had some good feedback from the head among others, and I can now say that I'm starting to settle in and enjoy it. It's been a lot to get my head round. One thing I am sure of is that I don't miss my old job one bit. (Just a few friends there...) Here's a roundup of the pros and cons: Cons first... 1. I can't go to the toilet when I want to. I am working 1-1 and I have to check I have cover. 2. I can't sit at my desk with a cuppa. In fact I can only have a cuppa at lunchtime (1pm). Sadly not eve

Here's to my new job!

Tea taster? Yes please!

I am now into my second week as a teaching assistant, and today Mr Humdrum trawled the internet getting quotes for my car insurance. Faced with the "What's your job title" question, he typed in TEA... and the following choices were shown: TEA BLENDER TEA TASTER I'd love to be a tea taster. I suppose even a tea blender would be nice. At least I'd get a cup of tea while I worked, instead of having to wait til lunch time! I've worked in an office for nearly 20 years and am like the proverbial poisson out of eau, not having a hot cuppa at my desk at (nearly) all times. Nor my oppo number who made the best tea at work. Still, at least I have a job and there are some things I like about it! I'll blog these next week, while I have a think about them...

Officially unemployed

Well for 3 days. I have finally been paid my redundancy money, a week overdue, and changed my mind about working an extra month to help them out. Because - I found a new job!  I wanted to blog my experiences, the applications, the interviews, the rejection (only one)... but I found myself unable to even blog about it. I just wanted to shut everything out, almost everything. I couldn't deal with new things, so I kept in touch with some people and for them, I was normal. But I couldn't handle anything that wasn't normal. I've been fine about the redundancy from the beginning, I knew it was the push that I needed to move into the career that I'd always wanted. I would probably not have made the move easily, after all I was well paid, the hours were cushy, why would I move?  Well an office relocation 114 miles round trip away, plus increase to full time hours. That's what made me move. I knew this was the time to get into the classroom. I'd been voluntee