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From one extreme to another Part 2

I'm so cross. (*pouting and arms folded) I had this great idea to edit an interview from GOOP curator Gwynneth Paltrow with my own take on it. How she thinks we're spending our next holiday in The Hamptons, or weekend even; how we can cook up macro rice flax nibbles for snacking on during the day, and the towels from Turkey that we should buy from her site, costing more than an entire bathroom refurb would. But it's been done! Admittedly it's a lot nastier than I would have written, but I would have included a lot of the same things (just in a nicer way). There is a lot of commenting that I don't agree with. Well I might but I certainly wouldn't put it in print. So the moral of the story is - do your research before you plan to post something! For those of you "in awe" of the wife of the most boring group in the whole world, it's

Domestic almost-bliss

Today I made a delicious lamb cobbler, the first time a cobbler has worked for me (in my oven). Friends visited us during a walk and despite being in my pyjamas with not even a washed face, let alone hair, I was able (when Mr Humdrum returned from shopping) to offer them a slice of chocolate and beetroot cake, fresh from the farmers' market. There is one week until the end of this half-term, and it's taken me these seven weeks to feel satisfied with the landscape of my week. When I have time to cook a more challenging meal, when I need to rustle up something quick (before swimming and after Park Wednesday), where to stop off on the way home from school for veg/milk/library books to save me going out after the school run, and short cuts to make life easier (chippy after football on Fridays). All this organisation makes for a more relaxed Humdrum. And that cake was so delicious, I think I'll have another slice while Mr Humdrum is snoozing.

From one extreme to another Part 1 (and yes I'm back)

(The return of Humdrum. Let's not get too excited about this, I've been gone for just over two months, although still blogging on my son's (private) site. I've enjoyed not feeling stressed about not posting ... but as work isn't stressful anymore, I feel I might - just might - be able to cope with a post every now and then. Let's see how it goes, shall we?) "From one extreme to another" captures two articles from opposing websites - this week Femail (the Daily Mail "females" pages) -v- Goop (a website "curated" by that well known mum-from-the-block, Gwynneth Paltrow).  Femail has always had a special place in my heart, namely it causes my heart to beat really fast in ANGER and DISGUST at what the Daily Mail is finding newsworthy and appropriate to print. Fast forward a few years, switch jobs and go onto blood pressure tablets, and it no longer angers me quite so much. It saddens me and worries me more. But still I read it ev