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Trying out big school - Transition WEEK starts tomorrow!

Ten things we know about Big School, before Transition Week: Transition week is yes, a week! Most other get two days. We get a week! That's a week of him coming home earlier than me... They advise taking a packed lunch for the first day, but afterwards, it's £3.50 on average per day for a hot lunch. This is going to cost me a fortune! They have two lunch "hours" of 25 minutes, he can eat at either. Both more like, if he realises he can do it. He's going to get homework this week. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha.) They already know the details of the detentions and bookings. We have been told (by him) to not expect him NOT to get any detentions. But he doesn't want isolation, that sounds awful. (Good.) He can wear any shoes this week, but in September, he has to wear all black shoes. Yes he's already asked me for a certain pair. No I can't remember the name. He's outraged he can't wear shorts to secondary, but he is able to this week. (Good cos his