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New plan - eating earlier?

Reader, it's been six weeks since I last blogged about my Slimming World journey. I had great plans for the Summer 1 term - I was going to get ON IT and get down to that stone. But, no. Oh well, onwards and ... sort of downwards. I am slowly getting there. I have bought another 12 week countdown which ends when I go on holiday to Cornwall in the summer. I ought to get to 1.5 stones at least by then. That's my aim.  Here's a pic of my dad's famous leek and potato soup and it is delicious. The only thing with soup is that you need to eat it with bread! I don't like not using my HEB for breakfast, so I can't switch around the bread then, but I suppose I could eat an omelette or bacon and eggs for breakfast!  I have just spotted another recipe for spicy chicken and veg soup, and I have decided to make it on a football day. If it's on a weigh-in day, I could also sneak in some no-knead bread that I fancy making. Watch this space ... My (small) health con