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Why I can’t wait for the next book in the series

Last week, my favourite literary character made a welcome return - John Rebus. Ian Rankin’s 23rd novel (including one book of short stories) featuring the dysfunctional, ex-police detective. I await each new story, trying to eek out my reading each night so as not to finish too soon. Loving police procedurals as I do, I also follow the life story of Rebus, his ex-side kick and now rising in the ranks herself Siobhan Clarke, and also Malcolm Fox, working first in complaints and actually investigating our own Rebus. Whilst I loved the case of the a body found in a car, missing for years, it didn’t move the personal story on enough for me. Testimonies of ex-job, including Rebus, were re-examined under today’s microscope, links to the ever-present local gangster, Big Ger Cafferty, hints at a love interest for Fox... I wanted more of this. More human interaction. I think what I actually want is a book with no mystery to solve. Just what Rebus is up to. On the TV, John Hannah played Reb

When your pre-teen son is taller than you

I should've known right from the start that he'd be huge. Created by a short- (me) and average-sized (his dad) parents, luckily the boy turns after my dad and not me. During his last three month stay in the womb-hotel, he outgrew his accommodation, forcing a referral to a specialist for his talapese. Thankfully, the specialist confirmed that it was indeed a "packaging problem rather than a manufacturing problem" in that my small stature bunched his feet up, causing him to kick me incessantly in the ribs as well as slightly deforming his feet on entry to the world. However all is well now in that department. But here are some of the issues with having a pre-teen son taller than you: 1. Sorting socks - "Are these yours or dads?" I ask multiple times. I'm sure we bought different socks for you and your dad so we'd work this out, but for the life of me I can't remember. You can do it yourself. 2. Sitting at the table is becoming impossib

Ms Humdrum recommends ... The Canteen, Hot Walls, Old Portsmouth

Tucked in the redeveloped arches in Old Portsmouth is the Canteen. I can't believe I hadn't been here before! Half-term means a breakfast meet-up with friends and I was pleased it was going to be here. A good two mile walk from Canoe Lake afforded me free parking plus a chance to clear my foggy head. We chose a large table in the middle as there were a few of us, but my mind was set on returning to the little table by the window next time. Apparently there is a small terrace to sit on, where the water laps in at high tide. That's the next but one time sorted then. So obviously I'm going to choose the breakfast. A few of my friends go for the veggie option, but meat is the way for me. I was able to switch the evil tomato to avocado, which was offered with the veggie breakfast stack. Result number one. The stack arrived - it was a thing of beauty. A rosti at the bottom, crispy streaky bacon (not fatty) which I thought may be from my local butcher (see lat

Ms Humdrum recommends... Cafe Marmalade

My friends will know that I am a breakfast aficionada. When Master Humdrum was smaller, we would be free for three whole hours on a Saturday morning (extra long football training) which afforded us time to languish over a full English. I don't know which I enjoyed more - the thrill of ordering what might be the best ever breakfast in a new venue, or returning to our old haunts as we knew we would get the best. Over time, things change. Football training morphed into a second weekend team so we couldn't really dump him at a game on Saturday morning, just to enjoy a breakfast.  Until last Saturday, when the fortune brekkie allowed us two hours off. Mr Humdrum found Cafe Marmalade, situated on Copnor Road, online. We had been there before, but a few years ago and I believe it was refurbished and reopened earlier this year.  The small breakfast comprised: A delicious sausage and slice of bacon - we knew the meat was going to be excellent as we saw the delivery van for