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Magazines, eating clean and blogging

Mags - I thought I'd grown out of magazines. At 42 (ahem), the only Cosmopolitan I'm interested in is the liquid variety. A look online gives me these headlines: official 50 Shades of Grey lingerie launched (I have one style of pants, the same as my mum!); the new fringe style (made that mistake too many times to repeat; have these people got shares in fringes?); careers masterclass (having swapped the rat race of marketing for a teaching assistant role, this is irrelevant); and Fearne Cotton models some clothes or other. I don't mean to be rude, but she holds no relevance for me. Strangely I'm interested in reading how Gwynneth admits how a liquid diet left her hallucinating ... but let's get on. Other magazines like Red, Living, Glamour etc don't hit the mark. I do like Woman and Home, and She - this just shows my age! However today I've discovered Psychologies. When it first came out, I pooh-poohed it - I have a degree in psychology, I told myself, I

A hot home-made scone or housework?

Today is the start of my holiday. Elf is away with the grandparents, Mr Humdrum is working. I have one whole week to myself. As I work in school, when people go on at me for having loads of holidays, I remind them that, lovely as it is, I don't get time off sans enfant! I have a few plans: I must clean the house, tidy a few hot spot mess areas, clear out infant school paperwork ready for junior, get school uniform ... But I also have nice things to do: see World's End in the cinema, write some letters, experiment with some recipes (hence the scones), meet a few friends for coffee, read a few books, give myself a manicure ... Recently I decided to take up a new mini-hobby - Mr Hundrum gave me a sketch book for my birthday so I might use it. I also want to get back to learning something and have decided to pick up my Teach Yourself Latin book again. So those are my plans. Let's see by Friday how I've done! Off with the baking apron and on with the rubber gloves.