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Cake, cake and more cake

Let me just explain what's happened. It's been half-term. I've been off plan. I've eaten lots of cake. And other things. And I don't feel guilty! I have enjoyed every bite as it has usually accompanied catching up with friends. That alone is worth it.  Never fear, I shall be back on it come  Monday morning . I will have four whole days to make amends.  So when I'm asked "Do you know why?", I shall answer "Yes! Because this time, it's got to work for me. If that means taking time out when I'm on holiday, then that means that. Doesn't mean I don't start again." Six weeks until Easter!

Time's running out for my culinary legacy!

When I reminisce about my lovely Nan Preston, I remember mostly that she made pancakes for me. Not just on Shrove Tuesday, but every Wednesday! I used to get off the bus by her house, scoff pancakes after tossing them if I was lucky, then walk home. I make pancakes for my son, not as often as I couldn't keep up with his requests so I buy them already made! When I think of my Grandad, I loved the cottage pies that he made - not too wet, proper minced beef - that's how I like them now. My dear mum is an amazing cook - her roasts are amazing (my son the other day suggested my roasties that day were on a par!) and her pasties are fantastic. Shame she hates cooking! My mother in law's beef casseroles - mmm how is that sauce so delicious? My son loves her spag bol too. So what am I going to be remembered for? I'd like to think I whip up a legendary lemon loaf  (Netmums cookbook recipe) - it always goes down well. My Nigella Victoria sponge is always a hit. My gooey fudgey b

I've stopped counting down

Earlier this month, I came across a meme on Facebook saying: Maybe this day is not one of your favourites but never forget that every day you wake up is an amazing gift and it's up to you to make it count.  (I think the image might have been attributed to Rongrong but not the meme.) However, it struck a chord. Earlier this year, I decided to stop counting down the days. Of course, if I'm looking forward to a meet-up with my bestie, then of course I'll count down. (But please, Ms Humdrum, make sure you get the month right so you're not counting down days til the 9/2 instead of 9/3 and your friend laughs at you and puts you right when you ask her the day before what time she is hoping to arrive!) I work in school and it's easy for life to be punctuated by school terms. Obviously, this is true for most families of school age children. You can't help it. a seven or eight week Autumn 1 term, holiday week, seven or eight weeks until the two week break at Christm

The reboot continues

Enter week three. So I'm 8lbs down, got my half stone award - go me! Week two was pretty much the same as week one - heavy at the weekend, with three days of SP and a fast. It was my dear mum's birthday, so we enjoyed a couple of birthday cakes I'd made, steak and chips at Cafe Rouge (our favourite) on Saturday night, plus afternoon tea on the Sunday. I didn't go overboard (she says ha ha) but stuck to what I'd planned. The steak was delicious, the afternoon tea amazing and I enjoyed every bite. So back on SP for three days Monday - Wednesday plus a fast day Thursday. I'm not back on the 5-2 but just do it really to help my weigh in day! It's good to counteract the weekends. The photo is a chicken casserole my dear mum made for me. I made it SP. This weekend though, I have no massive plans. Last night was Friday night and I did go on a little bit of a binge but hey, I felt crap for it. I am currently treating silent reflux and had a mini flare up - disco