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A in the Humdrum A-Z Christmas

I set myself a task this week of posting every day on my Humdrum A-Z of Christmas.  A is for " All set yet ?" Those three little words that you hear from the SECTS (Smug Early Christmas Tossers) in about October, followed by "I am". No, I am not All Set Yet . I have thought about who I'm buying presents for, taken off dead and divorced people from my Christmas card list, added new partners and short people, culled the friends I'm buying for, worked out who I can slash pounds off due to my smart-buying ... but have only actually bought about 5 presents. And I have just realised that I haven't even got Elf's advent calendar ready for tomorrow. This is from the person who changed her introduction of her dissertation the night before it was due in (in the days before personal computers, and after a whole year's work) ... I like to live life sort of near the edge . I don't want to be all organised by the time November arrives. I am not s

My A to Z of a Humdrum Christmas

Having not posted much recently, due to not having much to say (!), I propose to post daily during December my A to Z of a Humdrum Christmas. I'll start on 1 December OK?

PND End the stigma

I found this badge, and site, through  A place of my own  and was touched by her frankness about "experiencing" Post Natal Depression rather than "suffering".  Five of my friends have experienced PND with their first children, at least one of them having been previously depressed. All of them have made good recoveries, three of them have gone on to have more children, the other two didn't but I don't think that PND was the reason in either case. I too support talking about PND, not as a fellow experiencee, but as a friend of those who have. 

Me in Lego

I caught Mr Humdrum and Elf laughing to themselves in an evil way the other day whilst playing Lego. (They were playing Lego not me.) Then they showed me this. It was me, apparently. Now Elf likes to throw this at me whilst doing an impression of me screeching because I don't like spiders. It's true, I don't like them. But I don't mind saying I quite like the outfit! Go girl!

Venn diagrams and apostrophes

I am a very happy mum. This week Elf (5) has been learning about Venn diagrams . I am obsessed with Venn diagrams, believing that everything in life can be expressed in terms of a Venn diagram. I even have a book of song title expressed in these simple closed curves drawn in a plane.  I am also in amazement still at my son's first visible use of an apostrophe. And it was correct! His dad at 40 still can't get the hang of them, so you can imagine how my heart burst with pride. Now I know you will fall into one of two camps. Camp 1 = I have no idea what a Venn diagram is and I don't understand or care about apostrophes. Camp 2 = so passé now, but I bought Eats, Shoots and Leaves, and gets annoyed at greengrocers' apostrophes (I even blogged one from Waitrose !). The picture above shows Elf writing Erin's house. It's not very clear, for which I apologise, but it is there. My heart swells.