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New map reader

I can't read in the car because I get car sick. I can't read a map because... well I just can't. Therefore I am no good as a sat nav. Mr Humdrum relies on Google maps on his iPhone. Here he is teaching Elf to read a map, to replace his old mum! Go Elf! (By turning left and going straight ahead for 200 yards.)

Ben10 @ Book Week

It was Book Week the other week. And again, it was Come to School Dressed as a Book Character day. Last  year, he dressed as  Captain Flinn .  This year, Elf wanted to go dressed as Ben10. I was trying to get him to go as a classic  book character - like Dennis the Menace (or comic character!), not a character from a TV series that has made it into book format ... ... but as you can see, he won. And he did take a Ben10 book in. I suppose as long as they read, does it really matter what they read? Am I just a purist?

Are you on the flames today dear?

Since Elf went back to school this year, I've been asking him each day if he was on the flames. Your school probably does similar; Elf starts the day on the rocket, then can move up to the moon for possibly being the only one to tuck his chair in, then even further up to the star for good listening. He could however go down to the orange flames for not good listening, or even further down to the red flames for, as was the case in the first week, going onto Google on the lap tops, instead of Education City. (Mr Humdrum said Well at least he knows how to do it. Not the point.) So after a chat with the lovely Mr G, his teacher, I decided to use bribery. Elf could have his 50p school shop money on Friday provided he wasn't on the flames. A day on the star could result in £1 pocket money. A few weeks in now, and he's been OK so much so that last week when he was on the orange flames for squirting water from his water bottle, I wasn't really bothered.  Parents&