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Ms Humdrum reviews: Dub Pistols, Porstmouth 28.3.19

I have to start every review by saying what sort of fan I am of the band's music. Well, I'm not actually. This is not my kind of music really, but I've gone with Mr Humdrum. I missed Dub Pistols when they played Victorious in August 2018 - after a heatwave, they played in the worst rain we'd ever seen in this city. It was not due to the rain that I missed them; rather I was escorting my moaning son home in a taxi before returning to catch The Bluetones. The energy on stage is apparent from the start. You know how most bands, and audiences come to that, reserve most of their effort for playing/singing/dancing to their last track or two? This was full on from the word go. I was mostly impressed with watching the band play live. I honestly never thought that this sort of music (rap/dub/ska/ragga/jungle?) was played live. Did I think it was just sampled or did I never think about it? Who knows. But watching their drummer, guitarists and horn player was awesome (I do l

More SW updates

Since half-term in February, I've sort of been on track. We are currently on week 3 of the term. I did put on a teensy weensy bit of weight after all my cake-munching, but I then worked my a** off the next week to lose it plus a tiny bit more. But then I went away with my bestie. We had a long awaited, and much needed, spa night. Lunch was a buffet; we went with salad, but with a few extra bits. Plus two puddings. Two SMALL puddings mind you. Dinner that night was three courses, yes another pudding, plus a bottle of prosecco each. We aren't called the Prosecco Pigs for nothing.  Upon my return, I have tried to keep to plan. I didn't go all SP, mostly due to being too tired to organise myself. I've had another issue with my throat and without wanting to go into detail, I've come off some tablets, which mean that some foods may trigger unpleasant results, so I've been aware of that too. It didn't stop me from scoffing a chicken sandwich when I came home from

My month - February 2019

Half-term holidays have begun to mean the boy lurking around in his room during the winter months, and out and about with his mates in the summer ones. Not with me. However this time, he spent time four days in a row (yes FOUR). Here he is at the beach hut, with his mate. He's about to break a chair of mine and spend the rest of the afternoon destroying it fully. Happy days.  This cake signifies all of the cake I had at half term. I certainly made the most of all of the catch-ups with my friends. With cake. And gossip.  This is Killer Ludo. My dad is the world's meanest Ludo player and he cheats to win. He usually does win to be honest. But he's not honest. The boy loves playing with him, trying to be the alpha male and not let him win. Over the years, the boy has become less likely to get upset when his dear mother gets him out. He's even trying to cheat now like is grandad, but not as successfully. We catch him! Another day spent with the boy a