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A fishy day

My friend A, pictured  below, treated me for my birthday to a day at Champneys Town Spa for a fishy pedicure, and lunch at Cafe Rouge, followed by a spot of window shopping, or even shopping depending on how much wine we'd consumed. Here was our day... Started off with a late breakfast, after first class train travel Lovely fruity bread thing Two headless females brave the fishy pedicure Oh my god, it was the weirdest thing ever! A went first, as I was having my newly applied nail varnish removed. She seemed to be OK, just giggling a bit. We hadn't been drinking by this point, I should add! I dipped my feet in. I felt the little fishies swarm around my feet, in fact they favoured my left foot (I didn't think it wasn't a bad film either). I cried, not in a bad way, but just in a tickly way, I knew I couldn't take out my feet, but it was so hard to keep them in. I clutched A's hand the whole time, and squeezed her knee. Like the way that Elf squeezes m

Smug parent alert

No one likes a smug mum. Or a smug parent. I haven't been blogging regularly for a while, and I suppose I should conservatively blog to regain my loyal (if any?) followers!  But to hell with that. I'm going to be smug ok? Just for once. OK maybe twice.  Today we cycled to the local library to "find out about bears" for Elf's homework.  Using our own transport - tick Using local amenities - tick Not just googling "Where do bears come from?" - tick Looking in BOOKS - tick When we came home, we ate soup that ticks many boxes. home made - tick using home grown (or almost) ingredients - watercress from Mr M's garden, and potatoes harvested by Elf from last week's gardening club at school - tick I then made some buns as we had visitors and the leftovers were to be frozen for Elf's lunchbox. home made - tick controlled chocolate intake for lunch box - tick Then we read The Guardian. Tick?

Cake ... cake ... and more cake

My birthday cake (a day early) from The Tenth Hole Friday Breakfast Club Girls - Thanks x

Happy 40th to The Humdrums

Yep I celebrated my 40th last weekend. I'm not quite 40 yet, the big day is this Saturday. But Mr Humdrum is three weeks older than me, so we decided to celebrate together with a big house party. Now we used to hold parties every year for my birthday, but after Elf arrived, it just didn't seem to have the same appeal. We had 38 guests, groups of friends, school mums, NCT mums, uni friends, nursery parents, work friends ... Everyone there had a reason for being invited, whether it was for curing my headaches with their acupuncture, being the first mum in the playground to talk to me, or just ... well being a friend!  The debris of a party always amazes me, so I thought that instead of posting pictures of loads of drunken idiots dancing to I Eat Cannibal by Toto Coehlo, I'd post pictures of the day after.    Some notes on the party:- One person had a tactical barf in the alleyway (Mr Humdrum) One person barfed upstairs and passed out One husband disap