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All's fair in school and shops

Two fab things yesterday: (1) I got to ring the bell at the end of lunch time yesterday. I was born to ring bells. I've discovered my inner dinner lady and I love it. (2) I managed to tell the difference between the identical twin school mums! I didn't make the mistake of talking to the one I don't see in the park thinking she was the one I see in the park - yay for me! Balanced out today with two disappointing things; (1) I've been dolled up to the nines in my Benefit make up "lesson". A very nice girl made me up, her make up was subtler than mine. Which bit of "I don't do anything too visible really, just natural looking" was in a different language? (2) I asked for my bacon roll in Benjy's to be crispy. I knew the server hadn't told the chef. ("Chef".) It was fatty and disappointingly soft. Still at least I rang that bell!

Bagsy I'm George!

I bought some Famous Five books for a birthday girl today and decided to buy the same for Elf. Mr Humdrum has done Roald Dahl with him and it's my turn now with the Famous Five. Chatting to my pal Lairy Bird the other week at her JulieB party, I asked if she remembered this book (Smugglers's Top - did Enid mean one or more smuggler?). She did but not to the extent I did - I even remembered the deaf servant called Block who turned out not to be deaf at all! Lairy Bird is the only person I know who knew what Musty Fusty Dusty meant. (Spoken by Kiki the parrot.) And then bought me one of those books she found in a charity shop! I remember playing the Famous Five when I was young and trying to be George the tomboy not girlie Anne! And my dog was called Kim who quickly became Timmy. We even had a sort of Kirrin Island in a swampy area. Fun days playing and evenings reading. I wonder who Elf will remember as the author who shaped his childhood?

I never expected that for my birthday ...

Holiday dizziness A week ago, I turned 41. I had just come back from Lanzarote, our half-term holiday courtesy of the outlaws. I'd started feeling dizzy midway through the holiday. Before, I would like to point out, I overindulged on mine and Mr H's meal out. Delicious lamb chops, yummy, but because there were no suitable puddings, I had to have a rather large Amaretto. On top of the bottle each of wine, I did get slightly dizzy then! On the walk home, I was giving it the "Let's go skinny dipping" whilst closer to our villa, I was more of the "Juzlemmegetinbeddddd" type whisper. The next day I was rather ill but made the beach at 11.30pm! Not bad for me. Post holiday dizziness Anyway we flew back on the Friday of half-term, and still back at work on the Monday, I felt dizzy. That was also my birthday. I ended up visiting the drop-in health centre, as my parents were here to look after Elf. Mum came with me, and had to then drive me to the doctor, becaus