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How to survive Year 7

(This is only a fun take on my experience as mum to a chatty but bright, sporty boy. And we haven't actually got to the end of year 7 yet; anything could happen.) 1. Ask your child if they want long- or short-sleeved shirts to wear under their blazer. I didn't for one moment think that short-sleeved shirts could even be worn under a blazer, but they can. In fact, no one (NO ONE EVER) wears long-sleeved shirts under a blazer. Well silly me for not asking, then having to buy another set of shirts a few weeks in. At least I've got some "spare" now though. 2. Buy more than two PE t shirts. How, as a mum to a sporty boy, did I think that (a) two would be enough considering he has over two lessons a week plus after-school clubs and does "perspire" lots, or (b) I'd be able to wash them quickly enough? Four is enough. 3. Only embarrass them in front of their existing friends, because they know you; don't embarrass them in front of their new friends becau

The last week outside

Not sunny obviously; there's been an evil chill in the air, but we can still go for a walk on the common. After our weekly early morning dip, we warm up at the hut with a hot drink and hopefully some sun. We had a dipstick with us; no not a rude name for my partner-in-sea's son, but he did show us how deep (or not) we were in the sea! Looks like summer? Nearly. After work sun bathe, but too cold for a dip. What's all this yellow stuff? We are certainly using our beach hut to its full extent this year; two parties in as many weeks! This time, it was a (sort of) surprise party for Mr Humdrum's 47th birthday. There was no one there; cue loud tunes! Thanks to our friends for the banners! Taking an evening stroll while the boy wheelies up the shoreline. Latest thing - evening walks after dinner. Walking back from the pub on Sunday; this is a view of Langstone Harbour and Hayling Island, a vista often overlooked in favour of the sea fron

Take me back to Year 6 SATS stress please, Year 7 is much harder!

(I'm not in any way making light of the stresses these SATS do cause our children, their parents and - don't forget - their teachers. This is just my lighthearted look at how things are for us. Keep strong; like most things we worry about, this too will pass.) We're in the final term of Year 7. The year of blazers and ties. Of getting to school on time or facing a detention. Of packed lunches that are not nutritionally controlled, but include Greggs sausage rolls on a Tuesday (I'm just jealous I admit). Of meeting new friends and therefore us not knowing the parents, making sleepovers risky in my opinion but how can I say no? Of being around Scary Older Kids - and the influences they may have on our little cherubs. Of being unable to go into school to explain away misdemeanours or misunderstandings with the teachers or the office. Of looking every day on the school app on my phone, waiting to see if he's earned some achievement points in a lesson or perhaps a d

Ms Humdrum reviews: The Bluetones, Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth 2.5.18

In 2016, Mr Humdrum and I saw The Bluetones at Shiiine On, Butlins. Maybe it was the nostalgia of my uni days, singing with my bestie to Slight Return , maybe it was the hangover from the night before dancing to Echo and the Bunnymen and The Wonder Stuff, I don't know, but the Bluetones, supporting Shed Seven that year, were brilliant. Mark Morriss made some comment about the audience checking their babysitters were OK and that really resonated with us. So last December, I booked tickets to see them locally. I decided to make this a surprise birthday present to Mr Humdrum, and two mates from Brighton were coming, but then it changed to a Christmas present from Mrs Humdrum Sr, then I forgot the mates were coming, doublebooked with a kettlebell exercise class and generally messed up with out a sitter organised! All came good and although arrived just after they'd started Bluetonic (grrr), we did get there! The Wedgewood Rooms is a sticky old-school venue and it was ful