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Why can't I make flapjacks?

I'm not a bad cook. Admittedly I'm better at savoury courses than puddings. But I make nice buns, OK loaves, nice savoury  flapjacks, so why on earth do my sweet flapjacks always crumble? Why oh why? My cheese ones didn't crumble, they stayed together beautifully.  I followed a different recipe this time. The first one was a netmums one, this one from a book on children's lunchboxes.  Each time - failure. They taste nice, but they crumble.  Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Your advice most certainly welcome. I am slightly embarrassed, as flapjacks are always in the "Cooking with children" sections! And it was the first thing I made in Home Economics at school aged 11, along with freshly squeezed orange juice! At least I will be able to team it with Greek yogurt for a nice breakfast this week eh?