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Why didn't I read the letter properly?

Dang and blast, as Boggit says. Or is it Bean? Elf starts talking about dressing up as a prince and wanting to make a crown. Then it dawns on me. I read the letter in the bookbag on the first day back about the Royal Wedding Menu (cheese or ham flatbread), but I didn't really read the rest of the letter. The first paragraph reads: Children are invited to dress up as a prince or princess to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Double dang and blast. Elf, Elf I love you, but we only have 14 hours to make a crown, I paraphrase from Queen's Flash Gordon. At least it involves no sewing. Thirty minutes later, having raided the two art'n'craft trays, this is my creation. And I'm quite proud of it. The gold and black material inside has in fact got skulls on it, but who will see that? He thinks it's cool anyway. I have got a picture of my Elf in a princess dress from last year. No I'm not THAT blogger from the US, and I'm not posting it here OK! Walking down the stair


For school holidays, I have an arrangement with Professor Mungleton, Elf's old nursery pal, as the parents all work.  Elf has been with Mungle's dad many times, and today was the first time that he'd come to us. Mr Humdrum stayed off today, I have that pleasure tomorrow. Mr H is then off the day after that too. Today, they made train tracks in the garden, developed a new addition to the luncheon repertoire, an Olive in Quaver which is an olive sandwiched between two Quavers. Obviously. Then they fed the ducks, played more cricket and made more train tracks. Tomorrow I'm taking them to the beach. Here they are playing music for the ducks and swans. You gotta love 'em.

Bike Sunday

I haven't blogged since the end of March and even then not regularly for a while. I have had a few things going on in my echoey head, and some good advice of "having a blogoliday" seemed to fit. I'm feeling more up to it now, so we'll see how this goes! Today we went for a family bike ride. Elf has ridden without stabilisers for coming up to a year soon, but he's still not got a road licence! He can now just about start properly by himself, and likes to go scrambling over the road with Mr Humdrum.  One of the reasons we moved to our current house at the end of September last year was to enjoy the huge piece of land opposite our house we call the common. OK so it's built on post-war landfill, but it's got three lakes, is next to the harbour and a small stony shore, and has a great area for scrambling. I envisaged family bike rides up to the pub at the top of the common. So today we did this for the first time! It was great to see the results of his w