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Back on SW week 1

Well, my re-boot this week was slightly unexpected so I had lots of things planned at the weekend. Friday as I've already mentioned, I was off out drinking. I did drink but was not tempted to snack. Saturday I planned to have a takeaway with the boys; we did, but we ate far less than usual. I had more chicken starters than pizza and we didn't feel hungry! Sunday was a treat meal out for us, and I wanted a steak. So I had a steak. No pudding thought. So to counterbalance the three nights out, I went on SP overload this week! Monday, porridge (which is normal), dry tuna and lettuce salad with boiled eggs, turkey with mashed carrot/swede and greens for dinner. Tuesday porridge, turkey leftovers, spag bol with lentils in, and runner beans instead of the spag. I've been eating lots of apples too. Today's lunch was the last of the turkey plus for dinner I'm having more lentil bolognese with green beans tonight. I've had a snack of ham and peppers this evening.

My month - January 2019

This is New Year's Eve at our house. Every year, we host a disco for our little group of five families. Each year, we enjoy a little drink. Each year, we drink yummy espresso martinis. Each year, we dance and dance and dance. This year was no exception. This year, we chose rather cheesy music (think Copa Cabana) and danced and sang so much that my legs ached for days.  This is my new mantra. I'm fed up of counting down the days to the weekend, or weeks to half-term. And it also links in with Bohemian Rhapsody, answering Freddie's first line question. Sadly, my newly restored motivation for getting outside to do more exercise took a hit in the form of plantar fasciitis. For the lucky ones who don't know what it is, it is a bloody annoying pain in your arches and on your heel. I have had to wear my old moulded (not mouldy) insoles to help. I am obsessed with Skechers so I bought these comfy boots, only to find that memory foam isn't great for my fo

Slimming World - the return!

After a six month hiatus, I rejoined Slimming World last week. When I say six months, I mean six months since I left the group. I stopped doing it a long time before that! I am now officially heavier than before I started the last time, which was nearly three years ago. My pal from before read my mind and asked if I wanted to rejoin; funnily enough, I'd been thinking of asking her half an hour before that.  So off we went, setting my Fitbit app to record the walk there and back. Of course, we had to endure the new members' talk, which I know we have to do, and to be honest, I did feel slightly more inspired than before. And it was funny to hear that Muller Shite, sorry Lite, yogurts have lost their free status! We enjoyed our hot chocolate whilst listening to how the other members got on. Staying to group is not how I wish to spend my evening, but I do know that it was when I didn't stay to group after weigh-in that I lost my weigh  way. Sorry that was a rubbish joke.

Ms Humdrum recommends ... Baffled Coffee, Southsea

I realise I'm slightly late to the party with this one, but I've just never got around to going to Baffled, despite hearing many, many good reviews from friends. I am a sucker for a beach view, so I usually visit the seafront for coffee catch-ups. The opportunity arose today with a friend from work.  The cafe is on Fawcett Road; parking wasn't a problem as roads nearby are permits between 4-6pm. This was a brunch meet-up! Brunch is served up until 11am and there are already three other dishes I want to try, so I'll have to arrange to come again. I wanted to choose the avocado crostini, but I knew I'd be having that tomorrow at my next brunch catch-up, so I went for the breakfast stack. My friend ordered the avocado crostini so I definitely knew I'd be having this next. Sliced avo and a perfectly poached egg were served on sourdough (I think) with lime and chilli salsa - this is from memory so forgive me if I'm wrong. Looking delicious, my friend said

My December 2018

Well, would you believe it? I've just got into a Liked and Loved linky - created my first one at the end of November, presenting all the things I've liked and loved in that month. Sorted out my photos for my December one, went to check the linky thing - to find this ! A Cornish Mum (the linky creator) has only gone and finished the linky! Oh well, I shall rename it My December or whatever month it is. So here is My December 2018. Footie The boy was awarded Parents' Player of the Match after playing against a higher team (same league) in our club. They lost 2-1 but we felt we'd won the World Cup! We've come so far this season and to lose by such a small margin against a team like that, well, the players should all be chuffed to bits. We had quite a flurry of goals this month from a defender who cheekily wanted to go back to his original striker position. Two goals for his Sunday team, five goals for his school team, another two, one last one before they broke