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New term, new shoes - for me I mean

The new school term looms, and we have yet to organise Elf's uniform. We had to order most of it, and so returned with empty shopping bags, except well, I thought it was time I had a new pair of shoes. I am looking for a smart-ish pair for work, which don't detract from

Je suis Madame Gazelle

Je suis Madame Gazelle! Or rather I was for 12 weeks at school. I'd been helping out Friday afternoons at school all year, during Passport Time, where they spend two weeks doing an activity, then move to the next activity (cooking, science, cheerleading, drawing, drama...). We'd covered French in this time, and I'd helped the Year 2 teacher to cover this - we introduced chocolat chaud , and croissants avec confiture , as well as learning colours, the French flag and general greetings.