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Silent Sunday on Monday

Happy Humdrum Christmas

I'm happy. I'm about to spend another sleepless night coughing, but I'm grateful my cold and cough appears in the evenings only. It was a shame we had to drive down in that awful weather on Monday, but I'm happy we had the chance to see our niece and meet her toddler son for the first time. I'm bemused our son was underwhelmed by his BMX bike, but I'm pleased he was delighted with his tablet from his grandparents. I'm slightly worried that he spent a long time playing a coin game on it, but happy he sent me his first email (aged 7). Scary. Tomorrow we get to spend the day with my parents and I can't wait. And at this very moment, I'm extremely happy that I get to read the new Rebus book. My bestest present so far! Hope you had a good one.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday #3