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Family 5-a-day challenge

I just had a random idea to draw up a 5-a-day fruit n veg challenge wall chart for us. This should work in tandem with my Shuffle not Sniffle pledge (previous post - running and eating soup to stop me getting the kids' germs at school). (Not at the same time.) It then struck me - I'd only had one apple to register today. Elf had nothing despite having school dinners! He quickly asked for an apple, laughing. I will ask Mr Humdrum but I suspect he will have one item and that'll be the garnish in his bought sandwich. FAIL! Must try harder tomorrow!

Please can you help the teaching assisant Miss!

Today I supported a few children in Year 5 in their Science lesson. They were doing a test on light, shadow and the solar system. I realised I need to gen up a bit on the terminology used; I haven't studied this since I was at school... 30 years ago?! This evening I "redesigned" my two blogs - this one and my personal, private one. Do you like the new layout?

Elf is 7!

Last week Elf turned 7. My little boy. I'm not allowed to call him little anymore. I'm also not allowed to kiss him, or hug him, or well, do anything with him. It's all daddy at the moment. Do 7 year old boys cut their apron strings and velcro themselves to dad? We had a lovely family meal at Pizza Hut, very civilised, on his actual birthday. The next day we had his local friends to come over for cake n juice. Then tomorrow his exuberant celebrations will be topped off by a football party. This is the cake made by my friend - it's a football match, Man U -v- Real Madrid in 4 4 2 formation. Cool! Except it's snowing and the football ground is outdoors. Why was he born in January?

Soup two

Today's effort was good old leek and potato. I amended the recipe slightly (blended it all rather than keeping the waxy potatoes more solid, using all floury potatoes and keeping skins on - more from the point of laziness!). Even Ben ate some, not bad. I'm also currently chilling sweet potato and sweetcorn burgers that I made earlier. I've made 2 beef ones as I'm sure the boys will turn up their noses at veggie dishes - especially as Ben doesn't like sweetcorn! I went for my New Year run yesterday and I'm going out again with Ally tomorrow as I finish at 1pm. Ben's holiday work is done, decs away, shopping done, new trousers bought for work ... Almost ready for the new term tomorrow. I just need to do my nails tonight and get my own school bag ready. Six weeks til half-term! Yay!

Operation Shuffle not Sniffle starts

New Covent Garden Soup for January 17th "Cream of turnip with smoked ham". Being Cornish I used a swede instead of turnip. It was a lovely consistency but I'm disappointed with the lime taste. It says to add a thick lime slice, and to make sure it's properly blended. Unfortunately for me it's overpowering. But Mr Humdrum and I consumed our bowlfuls for our starter. Fish course later. The next soup? Leek and potato (January 27th). I may swap cream for crème fraîche though.

2013 Day One!

A rare pic of me as Warden at our New Year at the Cells New Year's Eve party. I wish you all health and happiness for 2013. And to myself too. 2012 was a year that started off in the first month with the shattering news of my redundancy. Four months, s lot of soul searching and hard work later, I started a new job in a role I'd always wanted, and I've never looked back. That's the happiness bit sorted out. It also covers wealth, which I don't like to include if it means financial wealth. I have enough, less than before but I am richer in other ways that I couldn't have dreamt of. My 41st birthday in June heralded the start of health issues with high blood pressure. I thought I'd been lucky but it's up again. Resolutions? To look after myself. I've shelled out £25 on the New Coventry Garden Soup book, so I can ensure I put the right stuff in. I'm fed up getting the school kids' sniffles! And I need to get out onto that commo