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One infection

I just phoned my best mate for a chat. I've been feeling a bit crappy the last couple of weeks and needed some advice and cheering up. I listed my symptoms; she listened, made me laugh and promise to book a doctor's appointment on Monday. She then told me her husband has tonsillitis. He's on 4 different types of antibiotics. The conversation then turned to her daughter's 6th birthday last Wednesday. Guess what she bought, she asked me. Both One Direction albums. This is after having heard my son's copy of the second album last Sunday. The same album I heard for the whole of the Easter bloody holidays. My mate said "We've been infected too by them." It was then the realisation dawned. One Direction had been the cause of both mine and her husband's maladies. We'd been Infected!

Last minute homework

Why does it always happen to us?!

Get rid of the baby stuff!

This is not a post about symbolically getting rid of all the baby paraphernalia associated with having a new baby. I haven't actually done that in the years since I realised I would not be having another baby. Never say never eh? No, this is a post about un-babyfying Elf's bedroom. It started with Mr Humdrum asking me to tidy his room. I must add that I wasn't told in a controlling You Must Do This Housewench kind of way. More of a You Two Are Off On Holiday Still And I'm At Work So Can You Both Tidy Elf's Room. I decided while Elf was playing computer games (a relatively new thing in the Humdrum Household, which serves to make me realise he is 7), I would tackle the room. It was only covered in dirty clothes that he hadn't put in the washing basket (yes he's 7 not 17) and some bits'n'bobs that were put upstairs when we had a party downstairs. Elf has an odd room, it's quite small with a cabin bed, book shelves and two chests for clothes, w

The Humdrums in London

Us Humdrums took a cheeky trip to The Big Smoke for a couple of days. Our main plan was to visit the Science Museum. And not spend too much money! We did fork out for the London Eye and it was worth it, especially the 4D experience.